Welcome to MVdisAbilityNet.

What is MVdisAbilityNet?

A lobby group working with the Civil Societies, walking towards ratifying the Convention on the Rights of Persons with disAbility and grouping disAbled persons/parents/volunteers/government/NGO’s/CBO’s/healthcare personnel…etc to form a discussion group/mailing list for disability in Maldives.

Disseminating information among stakeholders of disAbility has been a challenge to the government and the Civil Society Organizations. Why not make use of this free service and get all stakeholders of disabilities into one platform and share news/events/info among interested and related CSO’s/NGO’s.

MVdisAbilityNet can be defined as;

MV – Maldivian
disAbility – disability with a capital ‘A’ to highlight the abilities of these people
Net – Network where all those involved can be met on one place.

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