My Banknotes Wishlist 14 Aug 2017

It has been a challenge to get the banknotes on my wishlist from Maldives Monetary Authority as their ‘sets‘ contain only some banknotes and the only way for me to get everything on my wishlist is to buy two sets that would cost me approximately MVR9500/- which is absolutely pathetic for a small time collector like myself!

Their 1983 Paper banknote Series which comes as a leather dropdown album with random serial numbers consisting of 7 banknotes cost MVR 4,500 but DOES NOT include 20,50 & 100s of 1983 but has 1987 instead! So, I need to buy another set of same serial numbers that costs additional MVR 5,000 to get all these banknotes! That is a hefty amount to spend for a hobby! o_0

This collection is going to be my personal one and I don’t intend to sell it. The prices that MMA has published seem like it is intended for high end sellers or numismatic dealers who buy and sell them at unimaginable prices! MMA needs to consider lowering their prices for local individual collectors. It is sad to buy banknotes from ebay when MMA’s prices are higher than the typical ebay seller from Israel!