VRV-Q – A direct Replacement

Have a VRV System using R22 gas and nearing it’s end? As many existing VRV systems (The original system of it’s type established in 1982) will be nearing the end of their life cycle – either due to age or prematurely as a result of the HCFC (R22) refrigerant phase-out.

Daikin’s VRVQ has been introduced to reduce the cost and disruption of replacing an existing older VRV system, the latest innovation in the extensive Daikin VRV range. Historically it has not been possible to replace R22 systems without also replacing all the interconnecting pipework due to high risk of damaging/contamination and pipework often follows complex routes and is a semi-permanent fixture and therefore difficult and very costly to remove or replace. VRVQ enables existing pipework and some types of indoor fan coil units to be re-used, this is subject to site survey findings.

This is a very cost effective replacement for building already using older VRV Systems. For product line-up range, visit Daikin HK website or and download VRV-Q brochure. PCV1030 (VRV III-Q)